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1、July 1,2011, Genencor solar boat project team was established.
2、December 2,2011, Xiamen Hansheng Yacht Co., Ltd., Xiamen Guan Yu Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen New World Technology Co., Ltd. co-injection intoLi Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen Genencor boats.
3、June 3,2012, Genencor a # solar catamaran (business reception type) completion of the construction.
4、2012 July 2, Genencor 1 # ring Xiamen Wuyuan Bay for five trials a success.
5、2012 July 11, Genencor 1 # put Yuandang lake, sea trials.
6、2012 September 4, Genencor 2 # and 3 # solar catamaran (fashion sightseeing) into Lake Yuandang trials.
7、July 7, 2012 September 6, Yuandang Ya Tour inaugural ceremony Genencor solar sightseeing boat maiden success.
8、 2013 developed a new type \"jie can Mini400 small solar boat ”ship in xiamen Yun Dang lake trial run.
     This boat to break the traditional pattern of yacht dynamics, focuses on the use of environmental protection and energy saving quality, does not lose the modern elegance special temperament. Type 4.9 meters long, 3.9 meters wide hull, bid farewell to the traditional cumbersome transportation mode, let you love boat and easy on the road. Be worth what carry is, still can drive, in both solar panels and power generation efficiency at the same time, the ship can broaden fishing, chess, tea drinks, such as the sunshine function area. Stern bow transparent solar panel design, let you enjoy the holiday sunshine, business reception and entertainment of perfection.
9、2014 pure solar excursion ship products into the east taihu lake in suzhou.
10、2015 research and development of new solar 52.8 FT sea ship hull design and drawings by China classification society audit, and to build in November.
11、July 1, 2016, USUN - 600 l in sanya port wharf formal delivery to sanya trip company was put into operation.