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2014 April 10 7.5 m Tiger sailing exported to Canada
Public date:2014-5-9   Hits:5198

   As China's largest recreational boat manufacturer, the Division I again exported 10 to Canada, opened in 2014, our company has already sold nearly 40 Tiger.

   The Tiger exported to Canada, the use of sea transport, the use of 45HQ container transportation cabinet to ensure the safety and integrity of the hull.



Tiger 7.5 m sailing Profile


    Tiger Series sailing notorious at home and abroad , the manufacturer Xiamen Hansheng Yacht Co., Ltd. is the only way to provide the Chinese version of the owners manual and the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center sailing yacht training school eds " Tiger sailboat application materials" of the enterprise.

    Tiger 7.5 m yacht is 10 meters Han Sheng , after the launch of a professional yacht racing , is training with the Chinese navy ship. 7.5 m rowing lightweight and compact, adhering to the Tiger series has the speed sailing fast , flexible steering , anti-wave strong , stylish features , easy to operate in the operating design. Equipped with sails , we use the more consistent carbon fiber rowing requirements specialized custom canvas mast , rigging lighter weight , higher strength, resistance is smaller . Unlike Tiger yacht is 10 meters , 7.5 meters of the mast installation and removal without cranes , just a couple of personal assistance to complete , easy to shipment. Because before skillful experience has made 10 meters , 7.5 meters more perfect exquisite details of the deal . When testing the waters , professional commissioning of the mast and hull made field measurements , further determine the length of the sail type , size , and each rope , stereotypes 7.5 m to mass production.

The main technical parameters

Length: 7.5 m
Waterline length: 7.06 m
Overall width: 2.45 m
Water line width: 2.07 m
Lead Ballast: 560kg
Displacement: 975.22 kg
Draught: 1.83 m (after rising: 0.51 m)
Before the sail area: 118 square feet
Mainsail area: 285 square feet
Spinnaker area: 628 square feet