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Han Sheng yachts starting the development of new fishing boat launching
Public date:2014-4-4   Hits:4393

March 29, 2014 at 10:30 am, at the factory in Xiamen Han Sheng yacht marina boat fishing boat 10 meters of white formally launched delivery. Han Sheng aboard the fishing boat was the first boat yacht independent research and fishing boats, the owner of Dongshan buyer, the owner is a fishing enthusiast, and delivered directly bound Dongshan pier. Shipowners boat while fishing equipment can not wait to full shipment, prepare the way back to Dongshan began to enjoy his favorite fishing enjoyment, here wish all the shipowner Han Sheng Mr. rewarding experience.

 The main technical parameters of fishing boats
 Length: 10.85m
 Overall width: 2.85m
 Height: 2.55m
 Depth: 1.25m
 Draught: 0.5m
 Fuel tank capacity: 400 l
 Weight: 3.3T
 Crew: 8
 Host: Suzuki 175HP * 2