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PASSPORT 545 luxury yacht
Public date:2014-3-14   Hits:5881


As a well-known boat brands Passpor exclusive OEM manufacturing partners, cooperation since 1997, Han Sheng yacht has been adhering to the "Seiko secret agents, integrity and innovation," the concept of customer manufacturing sailboat.

20 years of continuous Passport launch a ship rugged, beautiful sailing voyage, and each ship has a breakthrough, all PS are sailing yacht in Xiamen, China Han Sheng Co. manufacture. Today, exports to the U.S. "NORFOLK" This is the first ship 54.4 feet after driving the ship, the ship before all the driving, the ship's entire design more humane, but also sandwiched some Chinese elements, such as a small coffee table carved Chinese double happiness character is also a porch, after the cabinet door salon area down into a large dining table. The screens can also be fixed to the front cabin when opened inwards.

PS545 out after the first ship in the United States that year won BESTSAIL honor.

I believe this ship one to the United States, and that triggered a new round of sensation.


PASSPORT 545 luxury yacht Quote
Domestic tax price (but excluding consumption tax, standard): 5.5 million yuan
6-7 months contract and after receipt of deposit: Delivery

The main technical parameters
Host: Yanmar 110 HP
Length: 16.61m (54.5 ft)
Waterline Length: 13.40 m (43.97 ft)
Beam: 4.62m (15.15 ft)
Draught: 1.79 m (5ft 7 in)
Displacement: 17,237 kg (38,000 lbs)
Lead Ballast: 6,350 kg (14,000 lbs)
Mainsail area: 49 square meters (529 sq ft)
Water tank capacity: 946 L (208 gal / 250 US gal)
Fuel tank capacity: 946 L (208 gal / 250 US gal)