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CCTV four
Public date:2014-1-14   Hits:4826

December 27, CCTV International Channel "Happy Chinese" column crew came to the beautiful Lake Yuandang recording.

Which lasted five hours, Katya and Han both presenters around the entire Lake Yuandang Yuandang ya on tour boat, close contact with the city birds egrets, mangrove conservation area and the economic and political center, feel the "sea city, the city on the water, "a unique charm. In the boat slowly forward, the two hosts also enjoy a Taiwanese tea and zither performances. After the shooting, the program set for smooth silent odorless tech power boat taken to ensure the smooth progress of praise, and beautiful lake views and a livable environment obsessed.

It is reported that four CCTV "Happy Chinese" program came to Xiamen shooting series, including small Dadeng Island, cologne sauce culture, Tan Ji Niansheng, the Gulangyu, South Putuo Temple, Yuandang Lake and other places, is expected to capture more than 10 episodes, is expected to be broadcast in January 2014.

It is understood that "Happy Chinese" is the CCTV Chinese international channel launched a stall to promote Chinese language and Chinese culture section. Program with full HD equipment, professional creative team to shoot production, the Chinese culture into which refract unique charm of China today. "Happy Chinese" on CCTV-4 evening prime time broadcast, and broadcast to the world in the Chinese international channel of Asia, the Americas version and the European version of prime time. Programs from China and foreign countries through two location host experiential tourism, great access to local geographical and cultural characteristics of the shooting scene, and Chinese international channel unique cultural perspective to demonstrate the local beautiful mountains, historical and cultural allusions, specialty gourmet program audiences at home and abroad.