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2013 China Shanghai International Yacht Economic and Waterfront Leisure Industry Development Forum will
Public date:2013-10-14   Hits:6893

April 12, 2013 , Chairman Mr. Hu Naisheng Genencor boats keynote at the Forum

By the China Shipbuilding Industry Association branch vessels , Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Association jointly organized by Shanghai harmonic into the ship

Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. hosted the " 2013 China International Economic and waterfront leisure yacht industry development forum meeting" in 2013

April 12 in the " 18th China International Boat Equipment Exhibition " Shanghai World Expo Exhibition venue earlier

Convened .

China International Economic and waterfront leisure yacht industry development forum will be aimed at domestic and international yacht manufacturers , distributors, supporting manufacturers, yacht club , yacht tourism, experts and scholars from universities and research institutes , the financial sector , government departments and industry management organizations and other representatives of academic exchanges , sharing of useful experience , explore the yacht economic development environment , showing the development of China's yacht industry management level and build a high-level forum platform .

    Our Chairman Mr. Hu Naisheng , in this forum and we exchange Yacht forums New Energy Economy report , report Hu , chairman of the forum to introduce new products in the domestic pure solar yacht , full interpretation of the party's 18 spirit and "national tourism and leisure Outline" tourism and leisure concepts, scientific and technological innovation , sustainable development , independent successfully developed China's first set of a green , environmental protection, energy saving, safe in one of the true sense of the pure solar green yacht.

    Hu said: "Faced with tight resource constraints , environmental pollution, ecosystem degradation of the grim situation , the party's 18 report to build a beautiful China , the Chinese people to achieve sustainable development and " ecological civilization " building into social strategic level of socialist construction , the construction of a beautiful Chinese national tourism and leisure environment and provide content for the Chinese tourism industry to create a larger space for development , "Beautiful China tour" has been identified as Chinese tourism overall image , while urban water national tourism and leisure tourism is an important part .
    With the city 's rapid development of water tourism industry , conventionally powered ship to the city water system is also increasingly serious pollution , caused by oil, gas , sewage and other harmful substances is caused by urban haze and PM2.5 seriously overweight is one of the important reasons .
    In order to make our homes , " mountains greener , the water clearer , the sky bluer , the air fresher ," an urgent need for new forms of energy humans to replace the limited oil resources , the direct use of solar energy is the human dream about . Developed green tourism urban water yacht is the inevitable choice . "

    Beautiful China , Genencor pilot . Please join Jia Rujie boat green energy can brace yourself ! Let us work together to create national tourism and leisure more beautiful tomorrow !