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Xinhua News Agency on the Division I for the solar boat tour dossier
Public date:2013-10-14   Hits:6996

Solar yacht in Xiamen successfully developed and put into use

This is driving on Yuandang a solar boat on the lake (December 5 photo).

       Recently, the Genencor boats Xiamen Technology Co., Ltd. research and development of solar yacht in Xiamen successfully developed and put into use. This is made by a fiberglass yacht 15 meters long and 6 meters wide and weighs 13 tons, the ship top area of 90 square meters of solar panels, solar generated energy into electrical energy storage for a variety of electrical equipment used on board to provide electricity , no pollution, no noise, zero emissions, urban river, lakes, reservoirs and other waters tourist ideal energy-saving environmental protection vessels. Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Guo and Jun She

December 5, the driver in the driving Yuandang Lake solar yacht.

December 5, visitors to the lake a solar Yuandang yacht cabin sightseeing.