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Solar tour boats and the city of pure water tourism
Public date:2013-10-14   Hits:7124

A city water tourism development in urban tourism occupies a very important position

      Water and human relations are very close , mostly due to water and the rise of the city , due to water and prosper. Many of the world famous city through urban water tourism development and establish its own distinctive tourism image . For example: Venice, Italy , the United Kingdom Thames , Seine , France , Vienna Danube . China's urban water tourism in the ascendant , city water tourism urban development is becoming a new economic growth point.

Second, the development of urban water tourism vessels Problems

       Currently city tour vessels were powered diesel power system driver , this ship out of the oil discharge , air emissions and noise caused by water , air, noise pollution a growing problem, especially in some of the reservoirs , they also burdened with the role of urban water supply sources , which led to a number of cities in the development and utilization of water resources, the development of urban water tourism and urban water pollution resulting conflict, in a " cake and eat it " can not have both a dilemma.

Third, Genencor pure solar tour boats Profile

      In order to solve the tourist ship on urban water pollution and response to oil and other non-renewable energy crisis, we must radically improve the marine power systems , the use of non-polluting, zero-emission , sustainable green energy power systems to replace traditional diesel power systems.

      Genencor Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen boats follow the historical trend , the spirit of green , environmental protection, science and technology, innovation, energy , security of the highest philosophy, after several years of meticulous planning , the latest development of China's first a pure solar sightseeing boats . The use of solar energy into power boats , it is not oil pollution , no emissions, no noise pollution for water sightseeing, enjoy the lake not only increased the atmosphere of tranquility and fresh , but also improve the quality of tourism effect.

      Hull is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material structure , boat tops made of high conversion efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels flexible comprehensive coverage , bilge neatly arranged groups of high-capacity lithium battery, to provide power boat engines are only two sets of imported mobile packet size , she is a real sense of domestic and global green energy saving power boats .

◇ entire ship steel and glass interior : the shipbuilding has nearly 30 years of history in Xiamen Hansheng Yacht carefully crafted , modeling modern fashion , the surface smooth and delicate , interior exquisite workmanship, materials, environmental protection , glass and steel corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance , long service life .

◇ Flexible Monocrystalline solar panels : top of the ship laying solar panels , the maximum conversion efficiency of 22.4% , thin , light weight , long life , easy cleaning and maintenance, with no visible reflected light , that is, zero light pollution.

◇ Battery: uses a small size , light weight , high energy , recyclable , non-polluting lithium battery life of up to five years.

◇ electric propulsion : the use of imported complete sets of electrical conversion efficiency above 90% . Whole not burn a drop of fuel , no noise , no oil pollution, no emissions, the full realization of zero carbon emissions.

◇ Endurance: in ample sunlight, sustainable sailing boat excursions ; If you encounter consecutive rainy days , lack of sunlight , then tour boat dock recharging, simply forty-five hours can fully charge the battery , enough to sail over 30 hours.

◇ LED lights: the entire ship lighting using energy efficient LED lights, soft lighting effects to create water .

◇ Draught: shallow draft hull , less than 0.8m, will not agitate the lake mud , running the boat to the lake also oxygen.

◇ sewage : Large capacity water tank installed on board, and trash , and strictly control the waste and promptly clean up , do not emit any contamination of the lake .

◇ customized tour boats : according to the different needs of customers to create personalized interior style , based on customer demand for the development of different applications suitable for the customer 's ship .

      She Economic , full sail does not burn a drop of fuel , operating cost is very low ; her environmental protection, the use of a comprehensive guarantee zero emissions ; her quiet , almost inaudible sound of a motor sailing and other noise ; her energy , sustainable sailing under the sunny ; her safety , cutting-edge technologies designed to perfect interpretation of water rich experience.

In Yuandang Lake as an example:

      " Yuandang Ya Tour" project will be the transformation of the entire Lake Area Yuandang and landscape improvement projects, one of the eight wonders of Xiamen remodeling : Yuandang fishing boat . More importantly, lakes and Genencor Yuandang pure combination of solar tour boats that can become the new city of Xiamen cards, Yuandang Lake Area in Xiamen will become a new high-end , " living room" for the public and visitors to provide cultural entertainment, tour places of leisure , wealth Xiamen Tourism connotations.

◇ economic benefits: According to the Xiamen Tourism Bureau statistics, from January to June 2012 , Xiamen received domestic and foreign tourists 18,839,600 passengers, an increase of 21.35% . Total tourism income of 25.022 billion yuan , an increase of 21.64% . This shows that traffic is very large, did not worry about the capacity of cruise ships .

   A pure solar tour boat purchase price 3.88 million yuan , the design life of 40 years , the annual labor cost 180,000 yuan ( three individuals, including the captain ) , the annual operating costs 200,000 yuan other sporadic ( including office expenses and tour boat maintenance fees etc. ) , 40- year lithium batteries and solar panels and other accessories maintenance or replacement costs ( lithium battery replaced once every five years , each about 23 million solar panels be replaced once every 20 years, about $ 300,000 ) of about 2 million yuan .

   Investment income breakdown : a tour boat once per hour, 60 yuan / person, 32 people per boat ( attendance by 80% ) , 6 hours a day ( six times a day ) , 300 days a year , then the year Total income 3,456,000 million.
   In 40 years the average annual operating cost = 388 /40 +18 +20 +200 / 40 = 527,000 yuan . Operating income was 5% sales tax , local taxes for the 12% sales tax , corporate income tax is 25% , then the average annual net income of 345.6 * ( 1-5 % * 1.12 ) = 3.2624 million yuan , the annual net profit = ( 326.24-52.7 ) * 0.75 = 2.05 million yuan . The annual rate of investment return 205/52.7 = 389% .

    To sum up a tour boat year's net profit reached 205 million yuan, the payback period is 388 / 205 = 1.9 years , 389% ROI , that is, the annual output of more than three times as much invested .

◇ environmental benefits : Genencor pure solar tour boats zero emissions, zero noise , zero pollution .
   Using pure solar energy as a power in itself an environmentally friendly initiatives , do not burn a drop of oil , water and air will not cause any pollution. Genencor pure solar tour shallow draft boats , not stirred underwater mud but also water aerobics . Water tourism can make good citizens and visitors to monitor the environment in order to promote environmental protection .
    If the same sightseeing boats with diesel fuel a year to be a ship dozens of tons , diesel exhaust contains large amounts of carbon monoxide, various hydrocarbons , nitrogen oxides , etc. , in addition to a variety of particles ( such as soot , mist , lubricants and fuel additives particles ) and sulfides . These harmful ingredients not only pollute the environment, but also seriously endanger human health.

◇ social benefits : Lake invested Genencor pure solar boat in the future on the lake just a series of activities that can be expanded : ecological tea , water party, recreational fishing , including boat business , fishing boat viewing , water weddings , business meetings, corporate celebrations etc., can also promote Yuandang commercial development around the lake .

Five conclusions

◇ From an environmental perspective , Genencor pure solar tour boat cruise on the lake can reduce water pollution , more conducive to lake, river ecological environment construction and water landscape appeal. Natural resources and cultural landscape of lakes and mountains retained increased tranquility and fresh atmosphere , to ensure long-term sustainable development of water tourism .

◇ From a business viewpoint , Genencor pure solar tour boat after a one-time investment in the use of natural sunlight , reducing the energy consumption of cruise ships , operating costs are very low . Intense competition in the cruise market circumstances, the concept of pure solar boat is probably a very good marketing breakthrough, make full use of green theme , digging deep cultural content , to attract more attention to green consumers and tourists, expand cruise tourism market share.

◇ From a social perspective , the pure solar boat can lead to green public concern , establish a good social image , enhance the city's water tourism 's influence , and ultimately gain market advantage, to stimulate more tourists and attract more repeat business .

      Sun water life , green low-carbon travel . If your district has been carried water tourism , water tourism being carried out , ready to carry out water-related tourism , please hurry Jia Rujie can boat green energy ranks it ! Let us work together to create a better tomorrow !