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Xiamen open solar-powered yacht water sightseeing
Public date:2013-10-14   Hits:4296

         Xinhua Xiamen, December 13 (Reporter Liu Yang ) Xiamen independent research and development of solar-powered yacht has officially put into inland lake within the city of Xiamen sightseeing operations, of this garden city to add a low-carbon energy water landscape.

       According to reports , there are three solar power Yuandang sightseeing boat in the lake operational. Visitors only need to spend hundreds of dollars you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable yacht Xiamen beautiful lake. Boat design capacity for 20 people and 40 people are two, driving speed of 11-15 km , can be used daily sightseeing reception, business meetings and casual family gatherings.

       Solar power Yuandang lake yachting responsible Lin Jianxin , said steel hull crafted from glass , weighing about 13 tons , 15 meters long and 6 meters wide , boat tops made of high conversion efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels flexible cover in the ample sunlight , cruises can last voyage. If you encounter consecutive rainy days , the sun insufficient light, can cruise dock recharging, simply forty-five hours to fully charge the battery , enough to sail over 30 hours.

       Lin Jianxin , said many of the world famous cities are dotted through the water tourism image of the city , tourist ship operators and environmental protection in urban water systems must be addressed as a contradiction . At present , Xiamen Neihu solar power boat operators no oil pollution, no emissions, low noise, shallow draft , do not stir the bottom mud , not only improve the quality of water sightseeing and inland lakes within the city to protect the environment .

       Xiamen Solar Power sightseeing boat began trial operation in July this year , the performance of normal , good response , officially open to the public , it will become a new green Xiamen travel landscape, culture and entertainment for tourists and leisure excursions new place .